When you first notice a problem with your Winger it is important to pay close attention to what is occurring at that specific point in order to identify the problem. Example: I can hear the solenoid click and see the trigger move but the release arm doesn't release the pouch. Also if you have multiply Wingers and remote receivers you need to determine which units are in question.

Problem 1: The Winger does not launch at all. I hear no sound or see no movement coming from the release mechanism. It is completely dead.
The most common reasons why you would have no response at all when pressing the transmitter is in the remote electronics or the wiring harness. A bad solenoid is extremely rare and is most often not the reason for the Winger not working. The release mechanism needs to be cleaned and lubricated. All moving parts need to move freely without any resistance from burrs, foreign matter, etc. Use WD-40, silicone spray, etc and compressed air to clean out the release.

Remote Electronics

  • Are both the transmitter and receiver turned on?
    Sound obvious but it happens. Check to make sure that the electronics are turned on.
  • Is the receiver programmed to the proper channel on the transmitter?
    Consult the owner manual to troubleshoot the electronics.
  • Are the remote electronics working properly?
    The best way to test whether your electronics are functioning is to test them on another Winger. If they activate another Winger it tells you that they are working. Having the receiver tested at a local Radio Shack will tell you if they are working as well.
  • Have you charged the remote electronics?
    You may have accidentally left the power on and drained the battery until it was dead. Recharge the batteries.
  • Do the batteries in your remote electrionics need replacement?
    The batteries in your electronics may be nearing their lifecycle and require replacement. The older the batteries the less dependable the power source needed to activat the solenoid. Replace your batteries if needed.

If the electronics are working fine the next most obvious source of the problem lies in the wiring harness that connects the release mechanism to the remote receiver.

Faulty Wiring Harness?

  • Is the plug installed on the receiver?
    Again, it sounds simply but it is common for people to forget to plug in the receiver.
  • Do we have a faulty plug?
    The plug that goes in to the receiver may be cracked grounded out or have a loose connection. This stops the power of the receiver from reaching the solenoid. Even if the plug looks fine the internal components may be faulty. Have the plug tested and/or replaced (replacement part - 1/8" 2-Pole Phone Jack) Available at your local Radio Shack or from Zinger Winger Company.
  • Is there a break in the wire leading to the solenoid?
    Test to make sure there are no broken wires along the path of the harness.
  • Are the quick connections at the solenoid secure?
    Remove the Multi-Shot™ Release from its housing and inspect the solenoid terminals. Make sure there are connected and secure.
  • Is any part of the wire harness touching the frame and grounding out the electronics?
    Inspect all parts of the wiring to make sure no wire or metal part is grounding against the frame of the Winger. Repair accordingly.


Problem 2: The bird does not go very far.

  • The rubbers are not hooked up properly.
    You may have forgotten to hook one or more rubbers. Pull the rubbers/rings down to their proper anchors.
  • The bird is contacting the frame and flopping out.
    Make sure the bird is loaded properly (see loading). Vertically place the bird (with head & wingstucked under the body) into the pouch. The tail & legs should extend out the top edge of the pouch so no contact with frame is made.
  • The rubbers need replacing?
    The rubber tubing may be worn and stretched to the point where they need replacement. Contact customer service to place an order.You are trainning in extremely cold conditions.
    Freezing tempertures and wind chills will affect the stretch of the rubber tubing. Once the rubber freezes, you will need to move the Winger inside for the rubber tubing to return to its normal structure.


Problem 3: The Winger falls over when launched.

  • The Winger is on uneven ground.
    Make sure the Winger is level & stable when setting up.
  • The bird is contacting the frame when launched.
    Standing behind the Winger center the bird or bumper vertically and flat into the pouch. If using a large duck position any overhang on the topend of the pouch so no interference with the frame occurs.
  • The Winger is set at an extreme angle.
    Lower the arc of the Winger for a more stable footing.


Problem 4: The primer shot doesn't fire (is not load).

  • The primers are faulty.
    Use fresh primers that work.
  • The rubbers are worn out.
    Not enough force is being generated to fire the primer. Replace as needed.
  • You forgot to hook up the rubbers.
    Hook the pouches release bolt to the release arm. The release bolt should be positioned as far over as it can go.
  • You forgot to load the primer or you inserted the primer into the wrong hole.
    Make sure you are using the right primer and hole.