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Frequently Asked Questions

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Zinger Wingers

What is a ZingerWinger™?

A Zinger winger is a remote controlled bird/bumper launcher used to train working dogs to better mark the flight of downed game. It is typically used in training for field trials, hunt tests, waterfowl and upland hunting. The use of a remote launcher is invaluable to the dog trainer by giving them the flexibility to train alone based solely on their own time schedule.

How do they work?

ZingerWinger launchers are powered by heavy duty rubber bands that are stretched tight through a pulley system. The resulting launch throws the bumper/bird far into the air providing a “mark” for the working dog. While the launcher can be used manually they are best used in conjunction with optional “Release Electronics” which attach to the launcher and allow you to train by yourself. The release electronics are comprised of a handheld “transmitter” and a winger mounted “receiver”.

What “Remote Release” electronics work on the ZingerWinger?

The Dogtra RR Deluxe and the Tritronics Pro Control RL will operate on all Zinger wingers straight out of the box. Innotek, Bumper Boy and other electronics will work with some modifications. You will need to let us know if you intend on using a system other then Dogtra or Tritronics.

What Zinger models do you manufacture?

We offer several models which vary in size, weight and features:
Field Trialer G4 – If you are looking for a machine that gives you the most features and training flexibility then the Field Trialer™ G4 is your choice. The Field Trialer™ gives you long and short throw options, offers 3 different amplified shot sounds in .22, .32 and 209 calibers and is available in a black powder coated finish. Weighing 15 pounds and measuring 65” end to end it folds flat to fit into the back of a short box truck. This is the model most often seen at hunt test and field trials because of their high, long throws.

Mini-Zinger™ G4 – The Mini as it’s often called offers all the same features of the Field Trialer except its ultra small size and weight lends itself well to the “storage challenged”. At 49” end to end it will fit into the smallest of vehicles with ease. The Mini-Z weighs 12 pounds. The smaller size does mean you sacrifice some length of throw. This model is extremely light and easy to handle.

ZingerWinger II G4 - If you are looking for a winger that will get the job done without breaking the bank the ZingerWinger II™ G4 will give you 90% of the features of our other more expensive models for a great value. The main features include the popular 209 shot sound capability and the power setting. The 56” end to end length is in between the Field Trialer and the Mini which means you are getting a long high throw and good storage dimensions from this model.

Hunt Tester G4 - The Hunt Tester is the largest ZingerWinger model and launches a jaw dropping, eye popping mark. The length of time the bird sails thru the air is enough to make the steadiest of dogs break. Better be ready! Weighing less than 20 lbs it measures 74” long so you require a longer truck bed to transport it. If you need the highest and longest throw possible this is the one.

Uplander G4 - The Uplander is a spring loaded launcher that offers a wide assortment of uses. The Uplander is powered by 4 heavy duty springs. The strength and power that this versatile launcher provides allows it to be used in a wide assortment of ways. The handler can train their dogs to "Sit to Flush" by simulating a bird flushing into the air at the press of a button. The trainer controls when the bird is released. Weighs 9 pounds.

Which Zinger is best suited for my training?

The model you choose will be based upon a number of personal factors such as the size of your vehicle, your ability to physically carry the winger, what you use for training (ducks, pigeons, bumpers, Dokkens, etc.) and how high and far you require the mark to be thrown. Go to the feature section of each model to see their specifications and see the Comparison Chart for an overview.

Can I fit them inside my vehicle?

The Mini-Z is our smallest model measuring 25" x 49" and folds to 1 ½" flat. This model is best suited to the "storage challenged" and will fit easily into SUV's, mini vans and the backseat of the smallest compact car. The Field Trialer is 16" longer measuring 25" x 65" x 1 ½". This model fits easily into the back of short box trucks and the breezeways of dog trailers. The ZingerWinger II measures 25” x 56” x 1 ½”. This unit will fit behind the seat of all short box trucks. The Hunt Tester is our largest winger measuring 25" by 79" by 1 ½". This model would fit into a long box pick up or on top of a trailer rack.

What do they weight?

All Zinger wingers are made from high grade aluminum tubing. The Mini-Z™ weighs 12 pounds, the ZingerWinger II weighs 13 pounds while the Field Trialer™ weighs 15 pounds. Even the larger Hunt Tester™ weighs in at a respectable 19 pounds. Our Uplander™ box launcher weighs in at 8 pounds.

Are they easy to set up?

Each winger comes fully assembled and ready to use. Field set up takes 10 -20 seconds. That's right! You simply swing the legs out and bring the "U" frame up into a locked position.

Do I need to anchor a ZingerWinger down using ground stakes?

No. All Zinger wingers are stable free-standing units. No ground stakes are needed to keep them in place. Less time setting up means more time training. For situations where you prefer to permanently secure the winger in place, pre-drilled anchor holes are provided. You can purchase our “Ground Stakes” for this purpose.

Is it easy to load?

All Zinger wingers are very easy to cock and load. You first start by hooking the pouch to the release arm. You then hook up four rubbers and load the bird. Most able bodied people have no problem loading a ZingerWinger.

Does the ZingerWinger Co. manufacture a "box style" bird launcher for releasing live birds?

Yes. The "Uplander" launches all sizes of live birds including chucker, pigeon, quail, pheasant and duck. The Uplander can also be used to launch small and large bumpers, Dokkens and dead birds for teaching marking. Many trainers use the Uplander for teaching “walk ups” and “sit to flush”.

How far will they throw a mark?

Zinger wingers have some of the highest and longest throws of anything you will see. Depending on the model you can get a throw as long as 45 yards or as short as 10 yards. See Comparison Chart for specifics.

Can a ZingerWinger fire an attention getting “shot” like a 209 primer?

Yes, the Mini-Zinger, Field Trialer and Hunt Tester models come standard with our exclusive Multi-Shot™ Sound release which will fire a 209 primer as well as a .22 and .32 caliber blank. The .32 blank offers the same sound range as a 12 gauge popper load. This makes for a louder report which comes into play when training out past 200 yards. The Uplander and ZingerWinger II come standard with our Sure-Shot™ release which fires a 209 primer. The sound can be heard out to 150 yards depending on weather and terrain conditions. This shot sound is sufficient for most hunt test training.

Can I adjust the arc and length of throw?

Yes. All Zinger wingers can be quickly adjusted to change to height and length of throw. The degree of adjustment will depend on the model. See Comparison Chart for specifics.

Can a ZingerWinger be used manually?

Yes, using a pull cord or trip stick.

How far off the ground is the remote receiver mounted? Does it affect the range of my electronics?

The remote receiver is mounted 4-6 feet off the ground depending on the model. This allows for the best reception possible especially in rough terrain. Receivers mounted at ground level do not work as well because of interference from grass, shrubs, trees and rolling terrain.

How safe are Zinger wingers to use?

While ZingerWinger products are among the safest and best built on the market it cannot be stressed enough that they can be dangerous tools if not handled properly. The forces generated by Zinger wingers and any other launching device can cause severe bodily injury if proper operating procedures are not followed. For that matter it is the policy of the ZingerWinger company to discourage young and inexperienced individuals from operating our products.

Does the ZingerWinger use solenoids or servos in its release mechanism?


Why should I buy a ZingerWinger bird launcher?
I’ve seen cheaper launchers that are supposed to do what a ZingerWinger does.

Zinger wingers are built to the highest standards here in North America, not overseas. Years of field use by pros and amateurs alike have proven that we make the most reliable and dependability remote wingers on the market. Our service is second to none. If something goes wrong along the way we will stand behind our product and look after you our customer. Our reputation is built on this philosophy and that is what you are buying when you purchase a ZingerWinger product.

What do they cost?

Prices vary depending on the model and accessories. Go to our secure online store for current pricing. Remember, you do not need to purchase anything to browse the online store.

How long will the rubbers on the winger last?

While some people have reported their rubbers lasting 2 - 3 years you can expect them to last up to a year under normal use. It will all depend on how well you look after your equipment and how often you use the winger. Aftermarket rubber treatment products may extend the life of the rubber. The longer the rubber tubing remains on the winger the less performance (distance of throw) you will receive. For this reason it is recommended you replace the rubbers at least once a year.

Where do I purchase replacement rubbers?

You can visit our secure "online store" to order replacement rubber kits and other accessories for your ZingerWinger launchers.

Is there anything I can do to increase the life of my rubbers?

Yes. The number one enemy of the rubber tubing is UV rays from the sun. Limiting the exposure to the sun when not using the winger will greatly increase the life of the rubber. If you leave the winger out in the field for a prolonged period of time it is suggested you remove the pouch kit from the frame and store it in your vehicle. Applying an aftermarket rubber treatment product may help extend the life of the rubbers. If your ZingerWinger is stored inside your vehicle for long periods of time we strongly recommend our vinyl carrying bags to keep the suns damaging glare off the winger and the rubber.

Will bungee cord work in place of rubber tubing?

Given the same specifications bungee cord will work but the performance of the winger is greatly reduced. Bungee cord has an outside nylon casing that’s designed to protect the inside rubber from exposure. This casing limits how long the cord can be stretched. Because it does not stretch as far it will not give you as near a throw as the heavy duty rubber tubing that comes with your ZingerWinger.

Is it okay to dry fire a ZingerWinger launcher without a bird or shot?


I misplaced my manual. Can I get a replacement?

Yes. Contact us and we will send you a replacement manual at no charge or download it from the User Manual page.

Are the wingers available in different colors?

Some of the models such as theZingerWinger II, Uplander and the Field Trialer are both available in a flat black powder coated finish whereas the Mini-Zinger and the Hunt Tester are finished in a natural aluminum powder coated finish.

Can my ZingerWinger be used in the rain?

Yes. The release components of the winger are made from aluminum and stainless steel and normal exposure to rain will not affect its performance. The remote electronics may not be waterproof depending on the brand. Contact the manufacturer for details. Regular care and maintenance after such usage should be performed.

How is the remote receiver mounted to the winger?

We use our exclusive “ReceiverLok™” system to mount the electronics. ReceiverLok allows you to attach and remove the electronic receiver without tools or fussing around. It is a molded heavy duty “Velcro-like” system that locks together to keeps the receiver from falling off when the launcher is activated. It attaches to the winger and receiver with a special strong adhesive. This system eliminates the need for plastic snaps that tend to break over time. It also eliminates metal fasteners that are easily lost. This is not the heavy duty Velcro sold in stores (which will not work).

If I encounter problems with my winger what should I do?

Go to our “trouble shooting” guide of our website to see if your problem can be addressed there. If that fails call us directly and a customer service representative will assist you.

Will a ZingerWinger launch "live" birds?

Yes. Our optional "Live Bird Restraint Pouch" will keep live birds in place until you are ready to launch them. They can be ordered from our secure online store.

What warranty is provided and what does it cover?

We cover you with a 30 day money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty on frame, release, hardware, welding. Wiring, servos, vinyl pouch and rubber tubing all have a 1 year warranty.

What happens if I don't like my purchase?

The ZingerWinger company has a 30 day money back policy. If you are not satisfied with your purchase within that period return the product for a full refund less S/H costs.

Can I retro-fit my old winger with your Multi-Shot™ Sound release?

Yes. The "Multi-Shot Sound™" release mechanism can be retrofitted to almost any winger. Conversion kits for older Zinger wingers are available complete with instructions. Contact us for details.

I am a newcomer to the game of hunt tests and field trials.
What launcher/remote combination do you recommend in order to train my dogs on my own?

For your first winger you cannot go wrong with a ZingerWinger II combined with the Dogtra RR Deluxe. It’s the most economical and as your needs grow you can expand the system to any Zinger model. The Dogtra Deluxe features a duck and beeper call and can be expanded to 8 wingers.

Can you provide any testimonials from past customers who have used this product?

You can read testimonials on the Testimonials page.

I want a “monster” throw from my launcher. What Zinger™ will throw the furthest?

The Hunt Tester will throw a full sized mallard 40 yards and a bumper 55 yards.

Where are Zinger wingers manufactured? I want a well made winger that will work and last a lifetime.

All Zinger wingers are made in Ontario, Canada using 90% of all parts and labor originating in the USA and Canada.

What maintenance can I expect to perform on my Zingers?

Occasional lubricating of moving parts (pulleys, hinges) and replacement of rubber tubing is all that’s required.

If I need spare parts such as solenoids, servos and wire harnesses can I order them from you?


Zinger Dog Crates

What is a ZingerCrate™?

A Zinger crate is a heavy duty dog crate constructed from lightweight aluminum. Zinger aluminum dog crates offer incredible strength at one third the weight of steel. Unlike plastic and wire crates which easily crack and bend and need to be frequently replaced, Zinger crates are built to safely and securely contain your dog.

I have heard untreated aluminum crates can turn my dogs coat black! Will that happen in a ZingerCrate?

No. Coat discoloration is common when a dog sits in an untreated aluminum crate. Zinger crates are finished in a durable “Silver Hammertone” powder coat both inside and out. By powder coating the inside as well as the outside it protects your dogs coat from discoloration.

Are these crates “Airline Approved”?

Yes, by installing our optional "Airline Rails" the crate can be used to ship a dog by air. Zinger crates exceed the strength and ventilation requirements by most airlines. Strong aluminum crates will not bust or be broken by rough handling or shifting cargo loads thereby safe guarding your dog on route. When shipped in a Zinger crate your dog is protected. Note: It is always a good idea to check with your airline to determine their exact requirements.

How big does the crate need to be in order for it to be “Airline Approved”?

Each airline may have their own unique requirements but typically they require the dog to be able to stand up and turn around. A rule of thumb is that the height of the crate needs to be higher than the height of the dogs’ shoulders. Contact you airline for specific requirements and preapproval.

Will this metal crate will it be too hot for my dog in the summer?

By its very nature aluminum quickly dissipates heat making it a great material to construct dog crates provided there is enough ventilation. A Zinger crate is fully vented down each side and along the back wall to provide maximum comfort for your dog. Our open design allows air to pass freely thru the door aided by the triple rows of lower and upper vent holes which surround the crate. Lots of adequate venting ensures your dog will remain safe while in its crate.

I have 2 dogs that I want to transport in my vehicle. Do you make a double crate?

All Zinger crates can be easily coupled together in a side by side design. This modular design allows you to disconnect the double crate at any time in the future to create 2 singles units.

How many models and sizes are offered?

We currently offer several sizes and models ranging from our smallest 3000 models (21”W x 24”H x 30”D) to our largest 5000 models (28”W x 32”H x 40”D).

Do you offer a folding aluminum crate?

We are currently working on a collapsible crate so check but soon for availability.

Will they fit in my vehicle?

You will need to carefully measure your vehicle to determine if the crates dimensions will fit thru your vehicles openings. If you need any assistance call our experienced staff for help.

Does the door lock?

Each door comes with a flush mounted slam latch which is keyed for added security while you are away from the crate. Rest assured that someone cannot easily open the crate and walk away with your dog. Our locks are made from a strong "stainless steel" for durability and to prevent corrosion.

I want to access the dog from both ends of the crate. Can I get a back door?

Yes, we can install a double door on any model of crate. This feature is handy for accessing the dog from the rear of a vehicle as well as the side door.

Can I have the door open from the left or right?

Yes, the doors can be mounted for a left or right hand opening.

Will a Zinger crate keep my “escape artist” from escaping?

While the Zinger “Deluxe” model is an extremely strong and secure crate we always recommend the Zinger “Professional” model for those “Houdini” type dogs that seem to bust out of any wire and plastic crate. On any crate the door is consistently the weakest point and dogs typically target this area in their attempt to escape. The “Professional” series have a reinforced door with extra bars, double welds and bracing. As an added layer of security in the Professional series we have added a secondary locking plate to the back of the door to keep the dog from pushing open the lock. Each door has a full length piano hinge. The Professional series are designed to be the most secure and safest of the Zinger crates.

What do they weigh?

The aluminum construction of Zinger crates means they are extremely lightweight. Details on the weight, size and other features of each model are provided when clicking on their picture in the online store.

Is there any assembly required?

Yes, Zinger crates require approximately 30 minutes to assemble. A common wrench and a Phillips screwdriver are required. All hardware is provided and no drilling is needed. A second set of hands helps speed up the assembly.

What does it cost to ship one of these metal crates?

Due to a Zinger crates lightweight construction and package friendly design shipping is quite reasonable. Rates range from $45 for the 3000 and 4000 models to $65 for the 5000. Shipping prices outside of the lower 48 US states and Canada will be quoted upon request.

What warranty is provided and what does it cover?

We cover you with a 30 day money back guarantee and a one year warranty on frame, welding, hardware and powder coating.

What happens if I don't like my purchase?

The ZingerWinger company has a 30-day money back policy. If you are not satisfied with your purchase within that period return the product for a full refund less S/H costs.

Can you provide any testimonials from past customers?

We believe the quality of our products and personal service are the reason for our success and we welcome their comments. Click on the following link to take you to the “Testimonials” page.

The crates I see at most pet stores have weak, flimsy doors.
What is so different about the door on a Zinger crate?

Each door is constructed using solid vertical round bars and reinforced with horizontal supports. Each bar is welded along all thru hulls for extra strength. A full length piano hinge and the stainless steel locking latch are standard. It’s like comparing a screen door to a 2” steel entry door.

I am worried about my dog not getting enough air while he is in a crate.
Is there enough ventilation on a Zinger crate?

A Zinger crate has more than enough ventilation. Each model is fully vented down each side and along the back wall to provide maximum comfort for your dog. Our open design allows air to pass freely thru the door aided by the triple rows of lower and upper vent holes which surround the crate.

My dog gets bored and tends to by destructive while in a crate.
Can my dog hurt itself on anything inside a Zinger crate?

We designed the crates to minimize any edges and trouble spots on the inside of the crate. We ensure that the well being of the dog is our most important concern.

Zinger Blinds

What is a ZingerBlind™?

A Zinger blind is a lightweight portable ground blind that sets up lightening fast without tools or assembly. Its unique folding design allows it to be easily carried into the field, quickly set up and is ready for use within seconds. It offers the hunter an unobstructed view of the sky and surroundings for full range of movement when the action heats up.

How can it be used for dog training?

For dog training purposes it can be used as a retired gunner hide, holding blind and winger hide.

Does the ZingerBlind have any shooting windows?

Each blind comes with several removable shooting windows. Each window can be closed or open at any time using Velcro tabs.

What type of hunting is a ZingerBlind used for?

Zinger blinds can be used to hunt anything from turkey, deer, dove, goose and duck. In fact they can be used for any type of wildlife viewing and even as an ice fishing windbreak.

How many models are offered?

Currently Zinger blinds are offered in a 3 Panel, 5 Panel and 7 Panel model. The more panels you have the longer the blind and the more room you have. We also “Stake In” blinds that are commonly used for dog training.

What model is best for hunting?

The 5 panel or 7 panel Zinger blinds work well for hunting. With the 7 panel a hunter can completely surround him or herself with the blind. When using the 5 panel you have a section along the back that would be open. The 5 Panel works well up against a hedgerow or tree line. Most 3 Panels are used in dog training as a lightweight and convenient holding blind.

How much do they weigh?

The weight ranges from 7 lbs. for the 3-panel to 9 lbs. for the 7 panel.

Are they easy to transport into the field?

Each blind comes with a carrying strap and handle for easy carrying transport.

I don’t want to be wasting my time setting up and taking down complicated equipment while in the field.
How easy does a ZingerBlind set up and fold down?

A Zinger blind literally takes a few seconds to erect and take down. Non-complicated instructions are included.

What camo pattern does the blind fabric come in?

Currently the blinds are available in a MarshWinds camo. This camo provides a good all around camo for all types of hunting. To get a perfect match with your natural surroundings the stubble straps are used to attach natural materials.

It sometimes gets really windy where I hunt! Will they blow over in the wind?

The blind will stand up on its own up to a certain wind speed but in high wind conditions you will need to stake the blind down. Ground loops are installed on each corner to accept a tent peg. Once the ground pegs are in place the blind to stand up to storm like wind conditions.

Does it come with a guarantee?

A 30-day money back guarantee and a 1-year warranty against defects and workmanship apply with each ZingerBlind.

What are these stubble straps that are sewn onto the exterior of the ZingerBlind?

On each ZingerBlind five rows of stubble straps allow you to place natural vegetation around the blind for better concealment making you virtually invisible to your quarry. While the blinds MarshWinds camo provides a great all around camo covering most experts will suggest you do all you can to conceal yourself and your gear from the game you pursue. This means using natural material from the area you hunt to brush up the blind.

Is there assembly required?

Yes, out of the box initial assembly takes about 15 minutes. Once assembled the blind folds up and down in seconds.