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  1. What is a Zinger Winger™?
    A Zinger Winger™ is a remote bird launcher used to train working dogs to better mark the flight of downed game. It is typically used in training for field trials, hunt tests, waterfowl and upland hunting.
  2. What models do you offer? Which one is best suited for me?
    We offer 4 models of launchers (The Mini-Z™, The Field Trialer™, The Hunt Tester™ and The Uplander™). Each has its own style, dimensions and weight to fit individual needs. Your choose will be based upon a number of factors such as how much room you have in your vehicle, your ability to physically carry the winger, what you use for training (ducks, pigeons, bumpers, Dokkens, etc.) and how high and far you require the mark to be thrown. Go to the feature section of each model to see their specifications and see the Comparison chart for an overview.
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  4. What is your most popular model?
    The Field Trialer is the standard everyone goes by. It is small, compact, light and throws a long, high mark. Close behind is the Mini-Z. This winger is popular among the ladies and storage challenged because of its small compact size and weight. Because of its ultra small size you end up sacrificing some performance for size but not much. Many people have commented that even the Mini-Z's throw could be toned down a bit.
  5. What sizes do they come in? Can I fit them inside my vehicle?
    The Mini-Z is our smallest model measuring 25" by 49" and folds to 1 ½" flat. This model is best suited to the "storage challenged" and will fit easily into SUV's, mini vans and the backseat of the smallest compact car. The Field Trialer is 16" longer measuring 25" by 65" and folding to 1 ½" flat. This model fits easily into the back of short box trucks and the breezeways of dog trailers. The Hunt Tester is our largest winger measuring 25" by 79" by 1 ½". This model would fit into a long box pick up or on top of a trailer rack.
  6. What is the Zinger Winger™ made of? What do they weight?
    All Zinger Wingers™ are made of high grade aluminum tubing. The Mini-Z™ weighs 12 pounds while the Field Trialer™ weighs 15 pounds. Even the larger Hunt Tester™ weighs in at a respectable 19 pounds. Our Uplander™ box launcher weighs in at 8 pounds.
  7. How easy is it to set up?
    Set up takes 10 -20 seconds. That's right! You simply swing the legs out and bring the "U" frame up into a locked position.
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  9. Do I need to anchor a Zinger Winger™ down using ground stakes?
    No. Zinger Wingers are stable free-standing units. No ground stakes are needed to keep them in place. Less time setting up means more time training.
  10. Is it easy to load? What's involved in the process?
    All Zinger Wingers are very easy to cock and load. You first start by hooking the pouch to the release arm. You then hook up four rubbers and load the bird.
  11. Does the Zinger Winger Co. manufacture a "box style" bird launcher for releasing live birds?
    Yes. We now make the "Uplander" which releases all sizes of live birds including chucker, pigeon, quail, pheasant and duck. The Uplander can also be used to launch small and large bumpers, Dokkens and dead birds for teaching marking.
  12. How far will they throw a mark?
    Zinger Wingers™ have some of the highest and longest throws of anything you will see. Depending on the model you can get a throw as long as 45 yards or as short as 10 yards. See Comparison Chart for specifics.
  13. Can a Zinger Winger™ fire an attention getting “shot” like a 209 primer?
    Our new Multi-Shot™ Sound release has the capability to fire a 209 primer as well as a .22 and .32 caliber blank. The .32 blank offers the same sound range as a 12 gauge popper load. The design of our sound chamber forces the shot up into the air instead of into the ground. This makes for a louder report.
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  15. What do they cost?
    Prices vary depending on the model and accessories. Go to our secure online store for current pricing. Remember, you do not need to purchase anything to browse the online store.
  16. Can I adjust the arc and length of throw?
    Yes. All Zinger Wingers can be quickly adjusted to change to height and length of throw. The degree of adjustment will depend on the model. See Comparison Chart for specifics.
  17. How far off the ground is the remote receiver mounted? Does it affect the range of my electronics?
    The remote receiver is mounted 4-6 feet off the ground depending on the model. This allows for the best reception possible especially in rough terrain. Receivers mounted at ground level do not work as well because of interference from grass, shrubs, trees and rolling terrain.
  18. I already own remote release electronics. Will they work on a Zinger Winger™?
    Tritronics and Dogtra operate on all Zinger Wingers out of the box. Innotek, Bumper Boy and other electronics will work with some modifications. You will need to let us know if you intend on using a system other then Dogtra or Tritronics.
  19. How safe are Zinger Wingers to use? Can my kid load and operate your wingers?
    While Zinger Winger products are among the safest and best built on the market it cannot be stressed enough that they can be dangerous tools if not handled properly. The forces generated by Zinger Wingers and any other launching device can cause severe bodily injury if proper operating procedures are not followed. For that matter it is the policy of the Zinger Winger Company to discourage young and inexperienced individuals from operating our products.
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  21. Does the Zinger Winger use solenoids or servos in its release mechanism? What’s better?
    Zinger Wingers launchers are now available in either servo or solenoid versions. There is a common misconception that solenoids do not work as well as servos and that they wear out quickly. In fact solenoids are simply electro-mechanical devices that are made to last millions of cycles. Ultimately the design of the release mechanism as well as the care and maintenance of the remote winger and electronics are what dictates whether you will have a winger that functions properly. Zinger Winger has produced thousands of reliable wingers using solenoids without problems. Servos have an advantage over solenoids by providing more torque to pull the trigger on the release mechanism. They are more forgiving then solenoids as they are less prone to contamination from dust and sand. A disadvantage is that they are susceptible to water damage which the solenoid is not. For this reason if you order a servo driven launcher it is recommended you do not train in wet areas where the release and servo may come in contact with water.
  22. Can a Zinger Winger™ be used manually?

  23. I’ve seen cheaper launchers that are supposed to do what a Zinger Winger™ does? Why should I buy a Zinger Winger ™ bird launcher?
    Apart from their long list of features Zinger Wingers our products are built to the high standard. Our service is second to none. If something goes wrong along the way we will stand behind our product and look after you our customer. Our reputation is built on this philosophy and that is what you are buying when you purchase a Zinger Winger product.
  24. How long will the rubbers on the winger last?
    While some people have reported their rubbers lasting 2 - 3 years you can expect them to last up to a year under normal use. It will all depend on how well you look after your equipment and how often you use the winger.
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  26. Is there anything I can do to increase the life of my rubbers?
    Yes. The number one enemy of the rubber tubing is UV rays from the sun. Limiting the exposure to sun when not using the winger will greatly increase the life of the rubber.
  27. Where do I purchase replacement rubbers?
    You can visit our secure "online store" to order replacement rubber kits and other accessories for your Zinger Winger launchers.
  28. Is it okay to dry fire a Zinger Winger launcher without a bird in it?
  29. I misplaced my manual. Can I get a replacement?
    Yes. Contact us and we will send you a replacement manual at no charge.
  30. Are the wingers available in different colors? Can they be painted?
    Zinger Wingers come in their natural aluminum finish. The aluminum can be spray painted any color.
  31. Can my Zinger Winger™ be used in the rain?
    Yes. The release components of the winger are made from aluminum and stainless steel and normal exposure to rain will not affect its performance. Regular care and maintenance (link) after such usage should be performed.
  32. How is the remote receiver mounted to the winger?
    We use our exclusive “ReceiverLok™” to mount receivers.
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  34. If I encounter problems with my winger what should I do?
    Go to our “trouble shooting” guide of our website to see if your problem can be addressed there. If that fails call us directly and a customer service representative will assist you.
  35. Will bungee cord work in place of rubber tubing?
    Given the same specifications bungee cord will work but the performance of the winger is greatly reduced. Bungee cord has an outside nylon casing that’s designed to protect the inside rubber from exposure. This casing limits how long the cord can be stretched. Because it does not stretch as far it will not give you as near a throw as the heavy duty rubber tubing that comes with your Zinger Winger™.
  36. Will a Zinger Winger™ launch "live" birds?
    Yes. Our optional "Live Bird Restraint Pouch" will keep live birds in place until you are ready to launch them. They can be ordered from our secure online store.
  37. What happens if I don't like my purchase?
    The Zinger Winger Co. has a 30 day money back policy. If you are not satisfied with your purchase within that period return the product for a full refund.
  38. Can I retro-fit my old winger with your Multi-Shot™ Sound release?
    Yes. The "Multi-Shot Sound™ release mechanism can be retrofitted to almost any winger. Conversion kits for older Zinger Wingers are available complete with instructions. Contact us for details.
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