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  Remote Hunt Tester™ G5 #16490
Remote Hunt Tester™ G5 

NEWSFLASH! Zinger Wingers survive Hurricane Katrina

G5 model
Smaller Size at 69" tall
Lighter Weight at 17lbs
3 Power Settings - Short, Medium and Long Available in Silver only

The Hunt Tester™ G5 offers awesome performance with being the largest model in the Zinger Winger lineup. The overall length is 69" tall (down from 72" tall) with the weight of 17lbs. The smaller size will make it easier to carry in and out of the field as well as transport in smaller vehicles. Another added benefit to the smaller size is that the shipping costs will be greatly reduced. The smaller size of the Hunt Tester G5 will mean it ships in a smaller box without incurring oversize fees from UPS. This was a problem with our earlier models. Performance is maintained as the rubber length has been modified in order to obtain the force needed to throw the heaviest birds. The Hunt Tester G5 launches a jaw dropping, eye popping mark. The length of time the bird sails thru the air is enough to make the steadiest of dogs break. Better be ready!

If you want the highest and longest mark you can possibly achieve then this model is for you.

When combined with the Dogtra remote electronics it becomes an important part of your dog training equipment that will quickly improve your dogs marking ability. In order for your dog to successfully compete on a consistent basis they must be shown marks (in their daily training) that have the same distance, arc and height of marks seen at your weekend Hunt Tests and Field Trials. A remote Zinger Winger™ is a must for training by yourself. More champion retrievers have been trained using Zinger Winger™ remote launchers than any other winger on the market.

The Hunt Tester™ G5 features our heavy duty hinges and rubber tubing, 3 sets of anchor hooks to offer you multiple settings for adjusting the height and distance of the throw. It features our exclusive servo actuated Multi-Shot Sound™ release mechanism which fires 209, .22 and .32 caliber blanks. The shot fires as soon as the mark is launched allowing your dog to more easily mark the bird as it sails thru the air. This increases the dogs chance of finding the bird and instills a successful attitude in the dog. The .22 and .32 caliber ports give you the ability to shoot an extra loud report for the dog to hear. The .32 blanks are similar to a 12 gauge shot and are perfect for Field Trial type marks. It's also important to remember that the winger can be operated without firing a blank for a silent launch.

Each Zinger Winger™ now comes standard with our Rolling Release™ pouch bolt. This release bolt is designed to provide the winger with a smooth and flawless launch while eliminating any possible hang ups of your winger pouch and misfiring of the primers due to worn eyebolts and metal wear. No maintenance is required.

The Hunt Tester G5™ will launch ducks, pheasants, pigeons, Dokkens, and bumpers as well as live flyers. It weighs 17 pounds and measures 69" x 1 1/2" x 25" when folded flat. Its versatility allows the user to quickly choose direction, arc and height of the throw. New to the HT is the ability to choose between 3 different throw options. An optional carrying case is available for this unit. Compatible with Dogtra, SportDog or Tritronics Remote Electronics.

USA orders ship from our Niagara Falls, NY outlet, Canadian orders ship from our Ontario outlet. All Zinger Wingers™ are "Made in Canada" using parts and suppliers from both the USA and Canada.

Price: $474.99 USD

Choose your Package and Options
Include a Spare Rubber Kit (Good Idea)
Add a Storage Bag?
Upgrade to a Bird Restraint Pouch
Winger to be set up for what electronics?

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    Customer's Reviews

    Author: Joie & Kristie Wilder, WaterDog Kennels
    "Just wanted to let you know we're having a blast with the Zinger Winger. The dogs LOVE it. Has worked great for a couple of headswing cases we have. They can't take their eyes off it even with two other close gunners. Also used it to shoot flyers and it was incredible. We're really enjoying it. Thanks again."

    Author: Mike Eastin Jr.
    "My dad, Michael Eastin Sr., just received his 3 Zinger Wingers and electronics a few days ago. I tried them out for the first time this morning, and I'm very pleased! The construction is very solid, but yet very easy to set up. I was amazed at how high and far they threw. The most important thing is how well Ace, my female black lab, enjoyed it. She was so excited! I was able to throw more marks in 40 minutes than the past 2 weeks. Thanks."

    Author: Rob Leatherbury
    "Ever since we lost our help last May we've used the Zinger Winger an average of 5 to 6 days a week, with multiple set-ups. We're on our second sets of rubbers and the wingers stay on the dog truck exposed to the weather. They have performed faultlessly. They are great as retired guns and can blend in or stand out as you desire. The throw is fantastic and really get's a dog following the bird. Cheapest bird boy I ever had."

    Author: Penny Krebs
    "Just wanted to let you know that I trained with my Zinger Wingers for two weeks in the Rockies during my vacation and I am really happy with them. They are always consistent and the throws are great."

    Author: John Hamilton, Valenica Kennels
    "My equipment gets used, abused and beat up. These Zinger Wingers have yet to fail me."

    Author: Sam Fergeson
    “Still the BEST remote bird launcher around”

    Author: Ray Amundson
    “They throw birds better than anything I’ve seen or used. They’re terrific!”

    Author: Steve and Emily Faith
    “We want to let you know that we love the Wingers! Especially with the cold weather, it is hard to get anyone else to go out and train, but with these launchers, it doesn’t keep our dogs from getting marks! The throws are great and they are very easy to use. This is the best shape our dogs have ever been in, in the winter. Thanks again”

    Author: Bill Swanson, Flatlands Kennels
    "In our business the equipment we use must be dependable and work everyday. We train with our Zinger Wingers 5 days a week and I have yet to have a mechanical problem. I recommend them to my clients."

    Author: Glenna Mitchell, Mitchell Labs
    "I LOVE my Zinger Wingers - I have 7 (some old style and some newer) all bought used and they work great! I have a client that bought the portable blind and she brings it for us all to use when she comes up to train with us. I thought it was a super idea! I plan to buy one in the near future! Thanks for making great QUALITY products! I've used other brands of wingers - and they do not come close to Zingers!!!"

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